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About us

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Knowledge is power. Now We Know aims to enlighten students to the world around them by bringing coherence to current affairs and political climates.

We are a student initiative designed to break down walls caused by overwhelming jargon.

A lack in knowledge creates barriers. This is very apparent in today’s current affairs, where our generation does not have a hope in understanding what is going on around us, and are often led astray from their own educated opinions. We aim to cover challenging University concepts, while defining key words and terms that any student can understand.

We soon realised that there are many other concepts in everyday life that people do not understand – from Tax to the Earth’s magnetic field. Over the next year we are translating Jargon into English for you so that now you know.

If you get on board with us, we will soon have a huge community where now we know.

A we is much stronger than a you, so together let’s break those barriers.

Daniel Wyles

Founder of Now We Know
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Our Subjects

Here are the current departments that we cover.

Soon, we will have a whole collection of concepts and key terms set at a University level standard, explained in English so that we can all understand the cool things people are getting up to from plasma physics to limited liability companies.

Economics and Finance
Environment and Geography
Science and Technology
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Apply Now!

If you are interested in applying for a position, fill out the application below and return it alongside your CV to nowweknow.team@gmail.com . Feel free to get in touch with us for any queries or questions that you may have.

If successful, we will invite you to come and meet the team and hopefully get you onboard from there.