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First Past the Post (FPTP)

    FPTP is the voting system used in UK General Elections. The UK is divided into 650 constituencies that is a seat within the House of Commons and is occupied by whoever wins the most votes within that constituency. When the electorate goes to vote they vote for who they would like to be … Continue reading First Past the Post (FPTP)

What is Democracy?

    Democracy is a system of government involving all members of a state’s population or all eligible members of state. Often democratic governance is based upon the idea that elected officials represent their electorate views and wishes in governance, known as representative or indirect governance. However, democracy can also be in the form of … Continue reading What is Democracy?

What is a Customs Union?

An agreement between a group of countries that mutually benefit each of them. They often get rid of tariffs and then charge the same amount for other states to import goods into the country. A Customs Union often allows free trade which involves promising to get rid of all tariffs, taxes and quotas on goods … Continue reading What is a Customs Union?

What is a Constitution?

  A state’s constitution consists of its central principles and precedents that form the basis of how that country is governed. Each state has formed its own constitution and sources over time, a constitution can be codified, uncodified, written down or just a set of established precedents. The constitution sets out the roles of the … Continue reading What is a Constitution?

Who are the Civil Service?

The civil service is the bureaucratic power behind the government. Civil servants are unelected employees of the government whose role it is to support the government and implement their work. Civil Servants are supposed to be impartial and independent, they are employed by government after government and must serve each of them equally and with … Continue reading Who are the Civil Service?