How We Run

Organisational Structure:


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Job Descriptions:


The Researcher is a key component of the team. Without research, we cannot produce content. They will keep up to date with current affairs of the world and help formulate the Bank of key terms and concepts for the Writer and Analyst to use.


They will work alongside the Researcher in analysing current affairs, and matching The Bank to news articles already published. They will produce annotated news articles that explain the complicated parts of the article, and then summarise what this article means for the reader.


To produce the written content that will appear on the website the writer needs to work closely with the researchers and Analysts. This role requires a high standard of written communication, and further training will gladly be provided by us. Every concept has to be simplified to 200 words (in English) and every key word to 10-20 words.

Departmental Editor

The Departmental Editor will work directly with the General Editor and the Subject Supervisors, and will oversee the departmental editing process of any content produced by the writers. This role requires an interest in writing, as well as having an keen ability in written communication (writing training will be provided).

Subject Supervisor

The Subject Supervisor will directly work with the General Editor and the Departmental Editors, and will verify the content produced. They will also look after and manage their subject’s team – checking in on the wellbeing of their team members. This will involve a variety of tasks from recruiting new team members to organising deadlines. This role requires an interest in writing and a high skill of communication (writing training will be provided). Good teamwork and time management skills are also essential.

General Editor

We have two General Editors. Everything produced must run through them to ensure a consistent level of quality. Feel free to contact either of the General Editors with any questions or queries that you may have, from content to deadlines. We’re here to help!


Editor in Chief

Dan runs and organises the whole thing. In regards to writing he reads everything over to ensure that it meets our aims as a final check before it is printed. He also operates the business side of things; from marketing to funding. He is the driving force behind the initiative, ensuring that we keep in line with our goals and aspirations.

When applying, It does not matter for any of these roles if you don’t quite have the levels of skill needed. We can always teach you something. We want to assess your strengths and interest in the role.

Our volunteers are our asset and we want to make sure you are happy with your role. You can always message anyone at the top of the organisation if you need help.

We are currently looking into ways to fund ourselves – If you are interested in backing any part of this initiative, please get in touch.